Montana In-Home Education and Assessment Program
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Asbestos Wire Cover
Basement Ceiling
Bathroom Mold
Bird Entry Into Attic
Bird Trapped in Attic
Black Slimy Mold
Boarded Up Window
Broken Dryer Vent
Burn Pile Outside Home With Kids
Bus Running Outside Open Window
Ceiling Crack1
Ceiling Crack2
Ceiling Mold Moisture
Ceiling Mold
Ceiling Mold in Forced Air Home
Check For Broken Water Seal
Condensation From Room Humidifier
Corner Crack1
Corner Crack2
Cracked Siding1
Cracked Siding2
Crawl Space Access
Crawl Space Blockage
Crawl Space Over Cement Slab

Damaged Door
Disassembled Smoke Alarms
Down Spout Grown Into Tree
Dryer Vent Full of Water From Outside
Dusty Ceiling Vent
Dusty Outlet Vent
Exterior Wall
Fire Escape Blockage
Fire Escape Obstruction
Flooded Basement
Food & Clutter in Sleeping Area
Furnace Room Vent
Gas Can and Loose Paper Near Furnace With No Vent Covers
Gas Supplied Heating Unit Inside Home
Hard Water Damage1
Hard Water Damage2
Hard Water Damage3
Hard Water Damage4
Hazardous Materials
Helium Tank in Backyard
Horse Manure Near Well Head
Leaking Hot Water Heating Vent
Leaking Wall Crack
Makeshift Cover Plate
Mold On Basement Floor
Mold on Ceiling Joists
Mold on Wet Drywall in Flooded Basement
Occluded Faucet From Iron Deposits
Old Bathroom Fixture
Old Ceiling Fan
Open Septic1
Open Septic2
Outside Porch
Peeling Paint on 1918 Home
Poor Fit on Tub Surround
Possible Exposed Wiring
Rip In Ceiling Materials
Roof Damage From Trees
Room Humidifier That Causes RH To Be Greater Than 50%
Runoff From Spring Under House
Safety Cover For Thermostat
Home-Made Breaking & Entering Measure
Set Up For Mold In Closet
Summer Cooling System
Trip Hazard From Frost Heave
Trip Hazard on Steps
Turkey Feces Above Drinking Water
Under Carpet
Under Kitchen Sink
Under Sink in Home With Small Children
Unsafe Wiring
Vegetation Reducing Ventilation to Basement
Very Old Well Cap
Wall Vent
Wall Vent Added to Increase Ventilation
Warning on FEMA Trailer Home
Water Backed Up Into Electric Furnace
Water Damage to Shower Wall
Water Stains
Wellhead Cover
Wet Pellet Stove

Wind Damage
Window Frame
Wood Foundation
Wood Foundation2
Worn Floor