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Montana In-Home Education & Assessment Overview (Back to Menu)
Believe it or not, your home could be a source of danger to your entire family.
Ask yourself:
Is the air in your home healthy?
Does someone in your home have allergies or breathing problems?
Do you know the signs of carbon monoxide poisoning?
Are your household products used and stored to minimize risk to children?

If you're unsure about these questions, there is a way for you to find out—along with answers to dozens of other home health and safety questions! Since 1914, Montana State University Extension's mission is to provide local education to all Montanans. To enhance the effectiveness of Extension's outreach, education and assistance we are offering free in-house education and assessment to willing individuals and families.

What do these in-house education and assessment visits offer?
~It is absolutely FREE, confidential and without any obligation!
~You must live in a home located on a Montana Reservation.
~A trained Extension healthy homes practitioner will come into your home, at a convenient, pre-determined time, and assess it for indoor air quality, asthma triggers, excessive moisture and signs of mold, carbon monoxide, use and storage of hazardous household products, and home safety.
~You will receive personal education on risks found in your home as well as a list of related local resources.
~You will receive a gift during the visit that includes environmentally-friendly cleaning products and home safety items.
~All children will receive a fun Healthy Homes activity book.

Sign Up for In-House Education and Assessment (Back to Menu)
If you live on one of Montana's seven reservations and are interested in scheduling a visit, contact the THH Practitioner at (406) 994-4463 or

"Thank-You" Kits for Home Occupants (Back to Menu)
As a thank-you to the home occupants who volunteer to take part in our Montana in-house education and assessment visits, each household will receive a kit full of products and materials that can be used in low-cost, do-it-yourself remediation of common household risks. The kit includes:

~Tribal Healthy Homes web site bookmark
~"Help Yourself to a Healthy Home: Protect Your Children's Health" booklet
~Recipes for non-toxic, low-cost household cleaners
~"Healthy Home Heritage" children's activity book & crayons
~One 11-quart cleaning bucket
~One spray bottle for mixing easy, non-toxic household cleaners
~Two "Scotch Brite" sponges
~Four terrycloth cleaning towels
~Two N-95s masks
~Two pairs of latex-free rubber gloves
~One container of white vinegar
~One container of "Clorox Green Works" cleaner
~One box of baking soda
~One digital humidity and temperature monitor
~One fire extinguisher
~One Radon test kit

Recruitment Materials (Back to Menu)
To aid professionals on the Reservations in recruiting home occupants interested in an in-house education and assessment visit, the the THH Practitioner has compiled the following materials and announcements:

-Recruitment Brochure
-Recruitment Poster

Resources by Reservation (Back to Menu)
Part of the home education and assessment project involves compiling healthy home resources for each of the Montana Reservations. Click on the links below for information on who to contact in your area for a variety of home issues.

-Blackfeet Indian Reservation
-Flathead Indian Reservation
-Fort Belknap Indian Reservation
-Fort Peck Indian Reservation
-Northern Cheyenne Indian Reservation
-Rocky Boys Indian Reservation

-Spirit Lake Tribe, North Dakota

For More Information:
Glenda Barnes, RN, BSN
Tribal Healthy Homes Practitioner
Montana State University Extension
Housing & Environmental Health Program
300 Taylor Hall
PO Box 173580
Bozeman, MT 59717-3580
Cell & Office: 406-994-4463
Fax: 406-994-5417

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