Funded by the U. S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the 
National Tribal Healthy Homes 
Assessment, Training & Technical Assistance 
Support Center
is a program of Montana State University Extension, 
Housing and Environmental Health Program

The NTHHSC is an exciting new partnership of tribal interests. The Center will strengthen the capacity of tribal communities to assess homes for indoor health hazards such as: mold and moisture, carbon monoxide, household chemicals, drinking water, lead, asbestos, pesticides, radon, dust and dust mites, allergens, asthma triggers, and fire and safety hazards, and septic systems. 

To build capacity, training and technical assistance will 
be offered to all tribes and Alaskan Natives.
Healthy Homes assessment training opportunities will be promoted to Indian Housing Programs, Sanitarians, IHS Health Educators, Tribal Colleges , and other interested community agencies. To accommodate as many tribal communities as possible, nine multi-day, regional, Healthy Homes trainings are being planned. The individuals receiving the training will be able to take the 
information to enhance their Healthy Homes 
assessments and educational capacity.